Sunday, 5 June 2011

Investment Banking

This documentary offers an interesting insight into the business of investment banking from the perspective of UBS employees in Australia. The documentary was designed to be an introduction to the world of investment banking for university students. So if you are considering a career in investment banking, or are simply curious about what investment bankers do you should watch this. Indeed, for aspiring bankers knowledge is power.

Dr Kathy Walsh from the School of Banking and Finance at the Australian School of Business has produced a video that introduces undergraduate students to the world of investment banking.

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  1. I would add that while the documentary is supposed to provide an introduction to investment banking they still do use a lot of jargon and accronyms. So you need to know these terms and the theory and techniques behind them e.g. DCF = Discount Cash Flow (usually a forecasting model that calculates the NPV Net Present Value of a company or project).

  2. This video is very interesting. Sure, this can provide useful information about investment banking.