Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dispatches - The Great Green Smoke Screen

Climate change, global warming, carbon... hot topics these days, though you wouldn't know it with all the focus on economic and financial crises. But the next crisis or series of crisis could be environmental, and some businesses and entrepreneurs have cottoned onto this; in theory it is possible to solve environmental problems with a market approach, of course you need the right rules in place and enough take-up for it to work, but there are some exciting ideas e.g. carbon offsetting, carbon credits, carbon trading, eco-investment, etc. Of course, with new technologies, and new ways of doing things; and with such radical ideas, there can be the risk that it doesn't quite work, or that perception is greater than reality. This documentary looks specifically at that. For more on eco-finance and eco-investing see also: Bloom or Bust - Ecosystem Investment, and Standing Profits - Forest Conservation

Days after Live Earth partied for the planet, Dispatches reveals how attempts to buy our way out of climate crisis may not be delivering. Channel 4 News' Science Correspondent Tom Clarke dissects the many 'solutions' to global warming - from carbon off-setting to green energy tariffs.

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