Saturday, 1 October 2011

Wealth of Opportunity - Unitus Microfinance Documentary

Microfinance is a promising field of finance whereby financial institutions make small loans to entrepreneurs in poverty stricken nations, allowing them to start small businesses without having to pay usurious interest rates. The promise of micro-finance (also known as micro-credit or micro-lending) is to use market based solutions to help people elevate themselves and their communities from poverty. I'll be featuring a series of documentaries on micro-finance to highlight the field and hopefully generate some interest - please comment below if you have any tips for documentaries to add.

We created this 14 minute documentary to illuminate the work Unitus is doing in the field of microfinance. It was filmed on location in 2009 in Kenya and India.

Wealth of Opportunity (Unitus Microfinance Documentary) from NonFiction Media on Vimeo.

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