Friday, 29 June 2012

Mortgage Meltdown

This is a 10 minute trailer for Journeyman Pictures documentary Mortgage Meltdown. It investigates the US subprime mortgage crisis, and looks at the causes of the crisis, and the impact on the financial system. It was done fairly early in the crisis and so on some aspects such as the credit crunch and banking collapses were discussed, as well as the potential for recession. For more documentaries on the financial crisis, check the Browse Documentaries.

What will be the global fallout of the US subprime mortgage crisis? How can unscrupulous mortgage brokers in America send world stock markets into a spin? 'Mortgage Meltdown' examines how our interconnected finance systems left the world vulnerable to a global credit crunch. It traces the current crisis to the fallout from September 11, hearing from the families now facing destitution while the 'market corrects'. With banks now afraid to lend to each other, the subprime mortgage crisis threatens to push America, and possibly the rest of the world, into recession.

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