Saturday, 24 November 2012

Traders on Wall Street

This documentary looks at the trader culture on Wall Street during the booming stock market of the early 2000's. Randall Lane founded the magazine Trader Monthly which capitalised on the stock market hype. Trader Monthly featured articles on the top 100 earners on Wall Street, the top 30 under 30, how much people had spent on business lunches, and what the best parties had been. This documentary provides an insight into the way of life on Wall Street, the traders, the investment bankers, and the spoils of success. Of course ultimately the stock market boom came to an end and party time was over, at least for a time - the next stock market boom will bring back the hot shot traders and the big bonuses and the lavish parties. Indeed later in the 2000's the credit and leverage boom brought with it another round of mega-bonuses, mega-deals, and excesses both financial and behavioral. For more on the life of Wall Street bankers and traders see: The Fabulous Life of Wall Street Brokers and the Wall Street Warriors series.

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