Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wall Street Warriors S02E06

The Wall Street Warriors series follows the careers of a range of Wall Street professionals; across the spectrum of professions e.g. traders, private equity fund managers, investment bankers, stock brokers, and experience levels e.g. rookies, associates, seasoned professionals. This is a very interesting series for those wanting to learn more about what people do on Wall Street (i.e. in the finance industry), and is must see viewing for those interested in a career in finance. It also gives an insight into what their lives are like and how they spend their time, how they think about their careers. This episode is from the second series of the hit Wall Street Warriors franchise.

Sleepless nights, second thoughts and all-time highs. Impulsive markets create a chaotic trading day for Jess while Jim and Lance enjoy the good times as their stocks climb high. After a torrential introduction to the New York trading game, Laeticia gracefully bows out to try her luck in Paris.

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